Priority Indicators for Policy-Makers

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This report outlines the process taken to update two sets of priority indicators for PHC: one for policy-makers and health system managers to support population-based policy development, planning and performance reporting; and another for PHC providers to support practice-based measurement and quality improvement initiatives.

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The set of priority PHC indicators below can be used to

  • Support population-based policy development and planning;
  • Assess the performance of the primary health care system;
  • Monitor changes over time and variations across health care regions;
  • Provide evidence to inform health programs, policies and funding decisions; and
  • Identify levels of and gaps in health and well-being of a population or community.

To access the technical specifications for individual indicators, select the indicator label.


PHC Domain

Indicator Label  (PDF, 1 - 4 MB)


Time with PHC provider for patients with chronic conditions


Population with a regular PHC provider

Wait time for immediate care for a minor health problem

Difficulties accessing routine or ongoing PHC

Difficulties obtaining immediate after-hours care for a minor health problem


Child immunization

Colon cancer screening

Breast cancer screening

Cervical cancer screening

Screening in adults with diabetes

Eye examinations in adults with diabetes

Anti-depressant medication monitoring


Scope of PHC services


Collaborative care with other health care organizations


Ambulatory care sensitive conditions hospitalization rate

Emergency department visits for asthma

Blood pressure control for hypertension

Complications of diabetes


Point-of-care access to PHC client/patient health information


PHC physician remuneration method


PHC needs-based planning

Health Status

Overweight and obesity rate

Smoking rate

Fruit and vegetable consumption rate

Physical activity rate

IT Infrastructure

Uptake of information and communication technology by PHC providers


PHC provider supply