CIHI has initiated a plan to strengthen its work on pan-Canadian health system reporting to

  • Better support jurisdictional efforts to improve care and the health of Canadians
  • Provide more transparency for Canadians and more clarity for the system

Part of this work involves providing structured and coordinated pan-Canadian reporting that is tailored to the information needs of different audiences, including the public, health ministries, regional health authorities and health care facilities. We recognize that different audiences are interested in and require different aspects of health system reporting.

Reducing indicator chaos and producing analytical and interactive tools that support health system priorities are other goals of the plan. This initiative builds on more than 10 years of work at CIHI on indicator development and public reporting.

Featured content

How Canada Compares: Results From The Commonwealth Fund’s 2017 International Health Policy Survey of Seniors
Canadian seniors are less satisfied with the quality of the health care they receive than those age 65 and older in 10 similar countries, a key international survey shows. Seniors were asked about many aspects of their health care experience, from mental health and access to medical specialists, to quality of home care and end-of-life planning. 

Your Health System Tools
These interactive tools help you learn more about your health system and the health of Canadians.

Indicator Library
Visit CIHI’s Indicator Library for definitions, methodologies and the location of indicator results on CIHI’s website.

OECD Interactive Tool
Use CIHI’s interactive web tool to see how provinces compare with countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on 19 quality of care indicators.

Health Indicators e-publication
Produced jointly by Statistics Canada and CIHI, this publication compiles more than 80 indicators measuring health status, non-medical determinants of health, health system performance, and community and health system characteristics. It contains the most recently available health indicators data from the 2 organizations.

Shared Health Priorities project
As part of the Shared Health Priorities project, the federal/provincial/territorial ministers of health committed to work collectively and with CIHI to develop a focused set of common indicators to measure pan-Canadian progress toward improving access to mental health and addictions services, and home and community care.


Health Indicators Interactive Tool
Access aggregate-level data available as either pre-formatted tables or interactive data that can be printed and exported.

Electronically submit and access data in a secure environment.