The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) welcomes you to Ontario's 2019 Provincial/Territorial Data Quality Report webpage highlighting the quality of the submitted data from your jurisdiction.

Data Quality Reports—Ontario

  1. Executive Summary and Recommendations for Ontario (PDF)
  2. Combined report for all documents (PDF)
    • Executive Summary
    • Recommendations
    • Data Advancement Strategy 2019-2022 Table

    • Indicator table, overall performance methodology, and trending table for each database:
      • Canadian Joint Replacement Registry
      • Canadian MIS Database
        • Hospital report
        • Non-hospital report
      • Canadian Organ Replacement Register
      • Canadian Patient Cost Database
      • Canadian Patient Experiences Reporting System

      • Continuing Care Reporting System
      • Discharge Abstract Database/Hospital Morbidity Database/National Ambulatory Care Reporting System:
        • Acute Inpatient Care
        • Day Surgery
        • Emergency Department
      • Home Care Reporting System
      • National Physician Database
      • National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System
      • National Rehabilitation Reporting System
  3. Excel Indicator and Trending tables for each database mentioned above (ZIP)

    Note: Trending table tab will be available only when there is data submitted from your jurisdiction.
  4. Indicator and Contextual Measure Reference Guide (PDF)

If you have any questions or feedback please contact the Information Quality team at