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CIHI has launched its new Learning Centre!

Enhancements to CIHI’s Learning Centre are part of our efforts to make our infrastructure, tools and processes more responsive, innovative and nimble. We listened closely to our clients, and our new Learning Centre will allow you to access and consume information in the way you want.

Project update, September 2016

Here are 6 ways CIHI’s new Learning Centre provides a richer learning experience:

  1. Single sign on. With a single CIHI profile, you have access to the Learning Centre and to other CIHI services like eQuery, eReports and eStore. No more remembering multiple passwords!
  2. A more intuitive course catalogue, organized by health care topic, so you can easily find the course that’s best for you. 
  3. One-stop registration and payment processing for all of CIHI’s courses and conferences. No more separate administration for conferences, which means you’ll spend less time filling out registration forms and more time learning. 
  4. Improved notifications. You’ll receive personalized emails with detailed information to help you manage your learning opportunities. No more logging in to look up course details — we’ll send them directly to you. 
  5. New accessibility features. CIHI is committed to ensuring that our products and services are as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. 
  6. A new look and feel, with simpler menus, more informative screens and time-saving navigational aids that start you on your learning path more quickly. 

Update your bookmarks!

If you have bookmarks to our old Learning Centre, you can replace them now. We suggest these ones:

For account managers

You’ll notice a number of key changes to your role as an account manager:

  • All registrations in the new Learning Centre will be self-registrations. This means that account managers will no longer be able to register their organization’s staff in CIHI courses. Individual staff will self-register for courses.
  • All learner accounts in the new Learning Centre will be created by individual staff. As an account manager, you will be able to view a person’s CIHI profile and verify that the person is eligible to register for courses and obtain eStore products at no cost under your organization’s Core Plan. Only individual staff members will be able to change the information in their CIHI profiles.
  • The sub-account manager role will be retired. All sub-account managers will become account managers, with the same administrative rights. 

Here is a summary of how the role of account managers and individual staff has changed in CIHI’s new Learning Centre.

Task Now New Learning Centre
Create a profile Account managers Individual staff
Grand access to the Learning Centre Account managers Not applicable
Grant access to eStore Account managers Not applicable
Authorize access to Core Plan products Account managers Account managers
Register for a course Account managers or individual staff Individual staff only
Assign a sub-account manager Account managers Not applicable
Assign an account manager Not applicable Account managers

With the launch of our new Learning Centre, seat entitlements — a long-time method for ensuring a fair distribution of seats in face-to-face courses — have been discontinued. Most courses are now offered online, and seat entitlements are no longer needed.

Pooled entitlements (where some regions consolidate their workshop seat entitlements) have also been discontinued.

Single sign on is here

With a single CIHI profile, you have access to the Learning Centre and to other CIHI services like eQuery, eReports and eStore. No more remembering multiple passwords. To access your CIHI services and the new Learning Centre, use your CIHI profile username and password. You can discard your old Learning Centre username and password, as they will no longer work. 

What’s staying the same

You can register for courses as you normally do; for courses that take place after the new Learning Centre goes live, you will not have to register again. 

If you completed a course between April 1, 2013, and the date our new Learning Centre goes live, a record of this completion will continue to be available.

You will continue to do the following from your Learning Plan:

  • Download/print materials for upcoming web conferences and workshops 
  • Access live web conferences 
  • Launch your eLearning, PDF-based and recorded web conference courses

Keeping you informed

We’re not done improving! We’ll be introducing new features and services to the Learning Centre in the months ahead. 

Watch this page for more updates. Your feedback is essential to our efforts at continuous improvement. Please contact us at if you have questions and comments.