The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) is releasing the first pan-Canadian report on children and youth with medical complexity. Also available today is updated annual data on physician supply, demographics and distribution, as well as on hospital spending in Canada.

Today’s releases are described below. All of the data predates the emergence of COVID-19 and the current pandemic.

Children and Youth With Medical Complexity in Canada

This pan-Canadian report focuses on a diverse group of children with a spectrum of conditions, needs, limitations and medical fragility. It looks at

  • The landscape across Canada, along with the variations across provinces and territories;
  • The use of health care services and medications, including transfers from pediatric to adult care; and
  • The needs of the children, youth and their families, as well as their experiences with accessing services.

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Hospital Spending

This release contains 2005 to 2018 data on hospital spending by province/territory, including type of expense; functional area; average direct cost per patient by functional centre; and number of beds (2009 to 2018).

New this year is a companion document highlighting spending information and trends in the emergency department. This release also includes infographics on hospital spending, costs of hospital care for out-of-province patients and corporate service expenses in hospitals.

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Physicians in Canada, 2019

This release provides information on the supply, demographics, geographic distribution and migration of physicians in Canada between 2015 and 2019. It also contains information on

  • The types of services provided by physicians; and
  • Payments from the provincial and territorial medical care plans between 1999–2000 and 2018–2019.

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About CIHI

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