eNACRS Reports is an interactive web-based tool that provides users access to their own data for timely performance monitoring and pan-Canadian comparisons to improve emergency department (ED) wait times, identify areas for operational improvement, and identify service needs and gaps.  

eNACRS reports provide relevant and comparable information on ED visits and ambulatory care in Canada, including day surgery procedures and clinics. How? Through timely datapresented in a user-friendly, focused and flexible reporting environment. Users can also share reports in 1 organized location with other eNACRS users.

Report Themes
eNACRS reports focus on these key business questions:

  • Have our ED wait times improved/changed over time?
    Identify changes in ED wait time indicators over time to help figure out whether process improvement initiatives have had an impact or whether changes in managing the flow of ED patients are needed.
  • How do our ED wait times compare with others in Canada?
    Make ED wait time comparisons between your organization and others and examine provincial and regional differences.
  • What volume/percentage of our ED patients are attended to within specific time targets (e.g., how many patients are seen within 4 hours)?
    Identify whether provincial, regional and facility targets are achieved.
  • When are we busiest, based on average volumes by time of day and day of week?
    Identify the busiest times and assist with appropriate staffing.
  • What are our top 25 main diagnoses, main interventions, CACS groups, ED discharge diagnoses and ED presenting complaints?
    Consider whether various clinical and demographic aspects (e.g., age, gender, outcome of visit) have impacts on the most common reasons for use of emergency and/or ambulatory care.
  • What are the Resource Intensity Weights (RIWs) of our cases and how do they compare with the RIWs of others?
    Client visits are placed into groups that are clinically and resource homogenous, which allows you to understand whether certain factors such as age group have an effect on overall resource use.

All Core Plan members can request access by sending an email to ccs@cihi.ca. You will have access within 2 to 3 business days and can access the reports by clicking eReporting in the Applications section of CIHI’s website. Portal users are automatically granted access to eNACRS Reports.

Current eNACRS Reports users can submit questions through the eQuery tool available in the Applications section of CIHI’s website.