The Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Monitoring System has closed.

CIHI ceased operating the Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Monitoring System (CMSMS) in April 2016. Due to limited participation, the CMSMS did not obtain the coverage necessary to provide meaningful data at the national level, and the decision was made to close it.

Work began on the CMSMS in 2011 with federal funding and input from an extensive network of experts, including the Canadian Network of Multiple Sclerosis Clinics, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, federal and jurisdictional representatives, neurologists and individuals living with MS.

Since September 2012, the CMSMS had been ready to receive data from MS clinics across Canada. Participation in the CMSMS was voluntary and at the discretion of individual clinics and provinces/territories. Since its launch, the CMSMS had received data from 3 MS clinics in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. CMSMS data received prior to database closure will be available through CIHI's data request process for a period of time.

The CMSMS Minimum Data Set (MDS) was established in collaboration with MS stakeholders to be used as a national standard for MS data collection. Although the CMSMS has closed, the MDS will continue to be available to individuals or organizations interested in collecting standardized MS data.

Some MS information will continue to be available through other CIHI data holdings:

The Public Health Agency of Canada's Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System is a national source for MS information. Expansion of this system will include the capacity to report the prevalence and incidence of MS in Canada at the national level.

CIHI will continue to make available the following CMSMS historical documents as resources:

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