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Ms. Jane Badets - Assistant Chief Statistician, Social, Health and Labour Statistics, Statistics Canada

Ms. Jane Badets

Assistant Chief Statistician, Social, Health and Labour Statistics, Statistics Canada
Ottawa, Ontario


Ms. Jane Badets represents Statistics Canada on CIHI’s Board of Directors. Ms. Badets was recently appointed the assistant chief statistician for Social, Health and Labour Field at Statistics Canada, where she will have responsibility for a broad range of social statistics, including health, justice, education, labour, income, immigration, Aboriginal peoples and the Census. Prior to this, she was the director general of the Education, Labour and Income Statistics Branch (ELISB). Her responsibilities included statistical programs in the areas of education, the labour market, tourism and economic well-being. Key surveys included the Labour Force Survey; the Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours; the Canadian Income Survey; and the Travel Survey of Residents of Canada and the International Travel Survey. ELISB statistical programs provide data inputs to Statistics Canada’s economic mission-critical programs — survey data that is a key indicator of the state of the Canadian economy and the skills and economic outcomes of Canadians. Previously, Ms. Badets held the position of director general of Census Subject Matter in the Social and Demographic Branch. She was responsible for statistical programs in the areas of demography, population estimates and projections, families, Aboriginal statistics, social inclusion and well-being, language, ethnicity and immigration, and gender. Key surveys under her responsibility were the General Social Survey, the Aboriginal Peoples Survey and the Canadian Survey on Disability. She was also responsible for the microdata access program at Statistics Canada. She has authored several articles and publications on immigration and ethnicity. Ms. Badets holds 2 graduate degrees, including a Master of Public Administration. Her undergraduate degree was in political science and economics.