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Top 10 reasons for hospitalizations and surgeries in Canada
Kids can’t wait: Children and youth mental health
Nearly a third of tests and treatments are unnecessary

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The cost of COPD

The cost of COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Canada.

How much does COPD cost Canada’s health care systems annually (in direct health care costs)?

May 2017

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Child and youth mental health in Canada: infographic (May 1, 2017)

An update to our 2015 infographic to include the latest data on rates of emergency department and hospital stays for children and youth with mental disorders in Canada.

Regulated Nurses, 2016 (June 1, 2017)

Want to know all about the trends in the nursing supply and workforce, including demographic, education and employment characteristics? This analytical suite presents data for the 3 groups of regulated nursing professionals in Canada.

e-Health Conference Sunday Symposium (June 4, 2017)

Register for the e-Health Sunday Symposium to hear Canadian and international perspectives about digital health, including CIHI’s session “Empowering the health care consumer: Using data and digital solutions to make informed decisions about health.”

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