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This is CIHI’s 12th annual report in the Wait Times series. Included is an update of the Wait Times web tool, which can be used to monitor progress as provinces work to reduce wait times and meet evidence-based benchmarks for priority procedures in Canada.

This report provides an overview of hip and knee replacement surgeries performed in Canada, including — for the first time — estimates of the probability of having revision surgery based on Canadian data. 

Providing a look at community mental health and addiction services, this report focuses on services that are funded by provincial/territorial ministries and departments of health. 

Quality Forum 2017

This year's forum will feature presentations and interactive workshops on a variety of topics related to improving quality across the continuum of care. CIHI will be exhibiting at this event.

The 2016 edition of The Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey focused on the views and experiences of the general population (age 18 and older) in 11 developed countries, including Canada. This report highlights the Canadian story and examines how these experiences vary across Canada relative to other countries and how they are changing over time.

CIHI has an extensive program of work that meets the rising interest in comparing the performance of Canada’s health systems with those in comparable peer countries so we can provide answers to questions such as

  • How does Canada fare in relation to international benchmarks and targets?
  • Which countries have the best results, and what can we learn from them?
CORR annual release

This release from the Canadian Organ Replacement Register (CORR) includes an in-depth study of the factors that affect the rate of hospitalizations among dialysis patients in Canada, with a focus on infection-related hospitalizations and associated costs. It also includes annual statistics and Quick Stats tables and figures, as well as the e-Statistics on Organ Transplants, Waiting Lists and Donors report, based on summary statistics received from 9 organ procurement organizations from across Canada.

A Focus on Seniors — Webinar series

Canada’s population is aging, and for the first time in history there are more Canadians age 65 and older than 15 and younger. CIHI presents a 3-part webinar series to learn about the unique needs of senior populations and how to improve health system performance. To register, visit our Learning Centre.

Health Workforce Information data tables, 2015

These data tables contain information on the supply, demographics, geographic distribution, education and employment of occupational therapists (2006 to 2015), physiotherapists (2007 to 2015), pharmacists (2006 to 2015), medical radiation technologists (2008 to 2015) and medical laboratory technologists (2008 to 2015).