Reflecting on 20 years

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Reflecting on 20 years

With the simple flip of the calendar page, 2014 will soon become 2015.

As such, this is an opportune time to put an exclamation mark on CIHI’s 20th anniversary and look back on all that this organization has accomplished over its history!

From the days of the Wilk Report to the present, our country has made giant leaps forward in collecting and disseminating health data and understanding just how well our health care systems perform.

CIHI has been instrumental in ushering in this ever-evolving understanding, leveraging our stakeholders’ data to inform Canadian decision-makers about the effectiveness of our pan-Canadian health system.

This past year, CIHI continued to lead the development and maintenance of comprehensive and integrated health information. CIHI’s data and analyses further enabled sound policy and effective health system management to help improve Canadians’ health and health care.

On behalf of CIHI, I would like to thank all of our stakeholders for your support and collaboration these past 20 years. We couldn’t do it without you—you’ve helped us to collect better data, support better decisions and, in turn, contribute to healthier Canadians through better health systems.

I would also like to recognize all my fellow CIHIers past and present for their ongoing commitment and dedication to Better data. Better decisions. Healthier Canadians

As we leave 2014 and look forward to our future, we are reflecting on our 20 years of hard work and know that we are well positioned for the achievements yet to come: working with new data, using new technology and approaches, developing deeper insight and evolving to better meet the needs of our stakeholders across the country.

We will actively engage those stakeholders in an important conversation. We want to know what their future data needs are, as well as how best to engage with them and in what medium, all in an effort to remain relevant to their work and their needs.

CIHI has never been more ambitious in its efforts to work with stakeholders to effect real improvements in the health and lives of Canadians.

We can’t wait to continue on this journey with you and show you what we have in store for the next 20 years.

We wish you the very best in health and happiness for 2015.