New interactive facility/regional website coming soon

New interactive facility/regional website coming soon

In just a few months, health care managers and decision-makers in health regions and hospitals will have access to a wealth of valuable information and indicators that can be used to improve the quality and delivery of health services in communities across Canada.

In September 2014, CIHI will expand its interactive, user-friendly OurHealthSystem: In Depth website to include regional- and facility-level indicators.

Key features of OurHealthSystem: In Depth         

  • Easy access to more than 30 indicators that reflect health system performance at both regional and facility levels
  • Regional and facility contextual information such as population size, prevalence of health conditions and hospital characteristics
  • Peer group comparisons, benchmarking and top results         
  • Enhanced mapping functionality and trend information

OurHealthSystem: In Depth will replace the Canadian Hospital Reporting Project (CHRP) and the Health Indicators print report and will feature results for a number of indicators previously reported through these tools.

It will also feature 2 new indicators: In-hospital sepsis and potentially inappropriate medication prescribed to seniors.

In-hospital sepsis

CIHI developed this indicator to monitor in-hospital sepsis, a blood infection that has a high mortality rate. Early detection and appropriate prevention and management of infections during a hospital stay can reduce the rate of progression of infection to sepsis. The indicator identifies how effective acute care hospitals are at preventing the development of sepsis, and it can be used to help hospitals identify peers they can learn from.

Potentially inappropriate medication prescribed to seniors

Though not new, this indicator is being reported at a regional level for the first time. The indicator is based on the Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults and measures the number of seniors on medications that are potentially ineffective or pose unnecessarily high risk for older persons.

“We asked regional- and facility-level data users and stakeholders for feedback on the website’s design and functionality. Indicators and contextual information were selected with the advice of expert advisory groups. It was important to us that we build a site that was relevant, easy to use and packed with comprehensive health information,” says Kira Leeb, CIHI’s director of Health System Performance.

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