Enhancing health system performance reporting

Enhancing health system performance reporting

CIHI launched a 3-year initiative in 2012 to strengthen its work in pan-Canadian health system performance (HSP) reporting. Since then, we’ve made a lot of progress.

Here are a few highlights of what’s been accomplished and what’s on the horizon.

Developing tools for performance reporting

Our Health System, launched in November 2013, is an interactive website to help Canadians understand how their health system is performing nationally and by province, region or hospital. It explores 5 areas of health system performance that Canadians told us were important to them.

In September, Our Health System: In Depth will debut. This site will provide senior managers and decision-makers in health regions and acute care facilities with comprehensive information and indicators that they can use to improve the quality and delivery of health services in their hospitals and local communities.

Sharing best practices

10 key long-term care performance indicators will be added to Our Health System: In Depth in spring 2015. This information will support performance improvement and sharing of best practices in long-term care facilities across Canada.

CIHI piloted an HSP School last fall in Halifax. The aim of this project is to help regional health authorities apply HSP measurement approaches and identify and track improvement opportunities. 2 more schools are planned for 2014–2015 in Ontario and Manitoba.

Making sense of indicators

The Indicator Library launched in November 2013. This one-stop shop for information about indicators reported on by CIHI includes methodologies, definitions, reporting levels, data sources and links to most recent results. The library was updated in June and now includes more than 100 indicators.

In partnership with Statistics Canada, CIHI will host the fourth national indicator Consensus Conference. This meeting with key leaders in indicator development will build a common understanding of short- and long-term indicator development priorities.

Building a data collection and reporting system

Working with stakeholders across the country, CIHI has developed a standardized patient experience survey for hospital patients. In 2014–2015, we will be piloting the survey with 5 jurisdictions and building a data collection and reporting system.

Get more information about any of these projects by visiting our website or sending an email to hsp@cihi.ca.