How data informs clinical decision-making to focus on treatment patients actually need

February 2017

Several years ago, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences — a mental health facility providing specialized mental health and addictions services — made the decision to electronically capture patient records with the aim to improve patient care. CIHI is proud to have played a role in helping achieve a more integrated approach with the use of the Resident Assessment Instrument–Mental Health (RAI-MH)©.

Used in an inpatient mental health setting, the RAI-MH tool evaluates the needs and strengths of patients with mental illnesses. With CIHI’s help, the RAI assessments were integrated for both inpatient and outpatient use, and now Ontario Shores is a paperless organization.

The hard work of the Ontario Shores team was duly recognized. Ontario Shores is Canada’s first health care organization to achieve the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Nicholas E. Davies Enterprise Award for Excellence.

Data informs decision-making

CIHI’s Jennifer Berger, a program consultant in Rehabilitation and Mental Health, says this project “is an example of a facility that is maximizing the use of the RAI assessment from the point of care to leadership. The RAI is unique in that it is used in real time and electronically, so the care plan can be used right away. Plus it’s an interdisciplinary model, so everyone has access.”

Berger explains that a system that optimizes the applications/outputs of the RAI-MH at the point of care allows health care workers to

  • Develop/adjust care plans and implement them immediately
  • Use Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) to identify areas that require attention and provide guidance on possible interventions
  • Use outcome measures to summarize a person’s clinical and functional status at baseline and then track changes over time in a quantifiable and objective way 

Looking ahead

Building on this effort, the Mental Health and Addictions Quality Initiative was established to further develop relationships with peers and system stakeholders, including CIHI, and to learn from each other, says Berger.

The initiative brought together — for the first time — specialty mental health hospitals to define, measure and share their outcomes. This collaboration ensures that all Ontario mental health care hospitals are aligned with provincial and national data measurement initiatives, and that the data is collected through CIHI’s Ontario Mental Health Reporting System (OHMRS).

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