CIHI’s population grouping methodology receives Innovation Award

As the Thanksgiving weekend drew to a close, CIHI staff from our Methodologies and Specialized Care branch and our Health Spending and Strategic Initiatives branch packed their bags and headed off to The Hague to participate in the Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI) annual conference.

The conference’s primary focus is the evolution of case mix classifications and their applications — especially their use in government health care funding — making it the leading annual forum for our Case Mix staff to share research and exchange ideas with their international colleagues. It also emphasizes case mix–related activities — case costing and clinical coding in particular — which makes the conference of interest to other CIHI program areas as well.

3 of CIHI’s presentations were about our population grouping methodology and were part of a special concurrent session — Population Grouping: The Canadian Experience, as presented by Douglas Yeo, Holly Homan, Victoria Zhu and Craig Homan. The associated paper, Building a Population Grouping Methodology and Cost Weights, by Jeff Hatcher, Heather Richards, Craig and Victoria, won the award for Best Paper at the conference. And to top off the fun, CIHI was the winner of the PCSI Innovation Award for our population grouping methodology work. 

Left to right: Craig Homan, Victoria Zhu, Douglas Yeo, Holly Homan
and Heather Richards celebrate after the conference

CIHI’s representatives at this year’s conference gave presentations and participated in 2 panels. If you’re interested, you can view their presentation slides:

Still want to learn more?

Watch this case mix groupings video and learn more about how sorting information about each person into similar categories can help us better understand the populations we’re caring for and how to meet their individual needs.