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Each month, we’ll introduce you to some of the passionate and hard-working contributors whose work is the inspiration for the articles featured in Land. Meet some of the people who contributed to this month’s edition.

Kira Leeb

CIHI has more than 20 years of experience using data to report on Canada’s health care system. To balance our approach, we want to use updated data and methodology to accurately reflect the current state of health care, while at the same time providing longitudinal trends that are stable and can be used to monitor change. Recently, we updated our reference population estimates to ensure that our analytical and other work reflects the changing demographics in Canada. By doing this, we ensure that our data continues to provide a comparable and actionable picture of health care in Canada. 
— Kira Leeb, Director, Health System Performance, CIHI

Katerina Gapanenko

Many may not be aware of the extensive scope of CIHI’s work on international comparisons. This includes submitting data for Canada to international organizations, analysis and reporting on how Canada and the provinces compare internationally, and providing input on indicator methodology and survey design. International comparison work at CIHI is a true cross-organizational effort, and we are fortunate to be involved along with many other areas of the organization, including Acute and Ambulatory Care Information Services, Canadian Population Health Initiative, Health System Analysis and Emerging Issues, Heath System Performance, Methodologies and Specialized Care, Health Expenditures, and Pharmaceuticals and Health Workforce Information Services.

— Katerina Gapanenko, Manager, Health System Research, CIHI

About Land

Land is a monthly e-newsletter published 10 times a year by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

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