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Tim Stockwell

Alcohol policies that promote health are those that limit competition, convenience and affordability. The federal government’s recent move to regularly increase alcohol excise taxes to keep pace with inflation is to be applauded. These taxes have lost about 45% of their value in the past 30 years. Most people are willing to accept a little reduction in alcohol’s affordability when they understand that it saves lives.
— Tim Stockwell, Director, University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of B.C.

Agnita Pal

Emergency departments play a vital role in our health care systems, and by collecting data from this area we can better understand the general health of communities and how to make improvements in health care resource utilization. Our updated Injury and Trauma Emergency Department and Hospitalization data set complements this by helping to educate Canadians on sport safety and to promote future injury prevention initiatives.

— Agnita Pal, Manager, Clinical Administrative Databases Operations, CIHI

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