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Each month, we’ll introduce you to some of the passionate and hard-working contributors whose work is the inspiration for the articles featured in Land. Meet some of the people who contributed to this month’s edition.

Susan McKenzie

When I established myself in a dialysis centre for treatment, I got to know the people who were at the centre with me. I have fond memories of the people I dialyzed with. I remember we had a competition of who would get to leave the dialysis centre first. People generally had to stay between 3 and 4 hours. I remember one time, one of the men who I dialyzed with got to leave earlier than usual, so he beat me out of there, but then he had to return 20 minutes later to pick up his backpack that he forgot!

— Susan McKenzie, former dialysis patient, transplant recipient and Senior Director, Development, The Kidney Foundation of Canada

Jennifer Berger

Making this video was a journey not just at Ontario Shores but also at CIHI. It demonstrated the partnerships and added value of the interRAI assessment. It required collaboration and highlighted opportunities of how to do things differently for future efforts.

— Jennifer Berger, Program Consultant, Rehabilitation and Mental Health, CIHI

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Land is a monthly e-newsletter published 10 times a year by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

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