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Having an informed and well-trained staff is vital to the success of your interRAI implementation strategy. Developing a training plan with timelines will help keep your organization on track.

CIHI’s role in training

If your organization or jurisdiction wants to adopt and implement the interRAI assessment system, CIHI can provide resources and deliver training programs based on your assessed needs. We offer

  • On-site, web-based and/or self-study education and training
  • Experienced facilitators with extensive clinical backgrounds
  • Manuals, job aids, toolkits and many other helpful resources to help guide your decisions and get you started
  • Collaboration and expertise on building a train-the-trainer model that can be custom-tailored to your organization
  • Ongoing support, including
    • Additional complementary training (e.g., in data use, care planning and data submission)
    • Access to CIHI expertise

Things to consider when designing your education and training plan

  • How much is in our budget for training?

    CIHI, as part of its partnership agreement with interRAI, provides training free of charge to organizations that implement the following interRAI assessments:
    • interRAI Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCF)
    • interRAI Home Care (HC)
    • interRAI Contact Assessment (CA)
    • RAI–Minimum Data Set (MDS 2.0)
    • RAI–Home Care (HC)

    The cost of training to use the software is generally part of the organization’s agreement with the software vendor.
  • How much time can we realistically devote to training?
  • What will our timelines be for training, both from CIHI and from our vendor?
  • Which staff members should participate in the initial interRAI assessment training?
    • Should this include our staff who will be backfilling?
    • Should this include management and/or support staff?
  • What about follow-up courses — on care planning, decision support and other topics?
  • If CIHI does the first round of training, can we develop and use our own train-the-trainer program to keep our staff knowledgeable?

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