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How is your organization doing when it comes to implementing the interRAI assessment system? As you move through your implementation plan, it’s important to involve front-line clinicians in all interRAI processes, whether at the point of care or through a feedback loop.

Here are some suggested strategies:

  • Hold a series of lunch and learns where you provide part of a report (such as the outcome scale) and at the same time review the items and coding for that particular scale.
  • Post reports at the program level.
  • Ask staff what they want to know about interRAI assessments.
  • When discharging clients, provide a report and pass along key information from the interRAI assessment system (CAPs, for example) to the caregivers/organizations they’re being referred to.
  • Engage with families and the community by communicating how interRAI assessments are used to evaluate and adjust care plans.
  • Ask your staff for suggestions on how you might measure things like record completion, timeliness of assessments, error rates on submission and submission volume.

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