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Many of the products and services we produce are closely connected with our data holdings. To protect these holdings and the integrity of our products, we’ve developed a Vendor Licensing Agreement. This agreement provides vendors (software developers) with the CIHI products they need to develop and support their software to meet the electronic submission requirements for our data holdings.


Organizations do not incur any software costs from CIHI. Software/licensing fees are vendor-specific and depend on whether an organization has chosen to use a commercial vendor. Organizations should contact individual vendors for pricing information.

Vendor fees may depend on the number of licences that need to be purchased to accommodate staff who require access to the software.

Vendor testing requirements

Prior to the start of a fiscal year, CIHI distributes data submission requirements to software vendors. Vendors are then required to make changes to their software.

CIHI requires software vendors to test annually. The vendor testing process provides vendors with the opportunity to validate their systems prior to updating their applications at organizations.

Vendors must successfully complete the testing process before their clients can begin data submission to CIHI for the new fiscal year.

View commercial vendors that support interRAI instruments and have successfully completed testing for the following sectors:

Additional information about this process is available on the Vendor Licensing page of CIHI’s website.

For more information on vendor testing, refer to the Vendor Test Process (send requests for this document to

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