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When it comes to choosing a software vendor to help you implement the interRAI assessment system, your decision will partly depend on your organization’s existing IT infrastructure and staff.

Consider the following questions when assessing the capacity of your IT services:

  • Does your organization’s IT department have the ability to perform all the tasks required in terms of skills, tools, processes and management capability? 
  • Has your organization successfully executed a project of comparable scope and size? For example, is your organization currently reporting to another CIHI database: Discharge Abstract Database (DAD), Ontario Mental Health Reporting System (OMHRS) or Continuing Care Reporting System (CCRS)?
  • What are some initial start-up costs? Remember to include capital purchases, such as
    • Equipment
    • Systems
    • Software required for submission
  • Are additional resources (staff) required for data collection and submission?
    • Note that resource requirements will vary depending on the scope and volume of data submitted.
  • What are the ongoing operational costs of data submission to CIHI?

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