Extract the HTML files

  1. On your personal drive, create individual folders to house the HTML files, 1 for ICD10CA and 1 for CCI.

  1. Save the zipped ICD-10-CA HTML files in the ICD10CA folder and the zipped CCI HTML files in the CCI folder.
  2. In the ICD10CA folder, right-click the zipped ICD10CA files. In the new window that appears, click Extract all.
  3. In the new window “Select a destination and extract files,” click Extract. Note: It will take a few minutes to extract all the ICD10CA files.
  4. The HTML files will be fully expanded once the ICD10CA files have finished extracting. To view the files, follow the instructions in View HTML files.

Follow steps 3 to 5 to extract the CCI HTML files.

View HTML files

Once all the HTML files are in expanded form, scroll down and double-click the very last file in the list labelled index.html to view the entire table of contents for the intended classification.  The index.html file will open in a browser — namely, Internet Explorer.

Note: Double-clicking index.html will display the table of contents.

To view any section and its related links within the table of contents, click the hyperlink of any block or section in the table of contents. For example, click the link 1.AA.13.^^ Control of bleeding, meninges and dura mater of brain to expand this section.

Note: The purple V icon is only for internal CIHI use. It will not display for non-CIHI users.



To navigate back to the table of contents page, click the back arrow button.