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A Snapshot of Advance Directives in Long-Term Care: How Often Is “Do Not” Done?

Learn more about the extent to which do-not-hospitalize and do-not-resuscitate advance directives are in place in Canada’s continuing care setting and whether these directives are being upheld.

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Information about health care

  • Primary health care


    Routine care, care for urgent but minor health problems, mental health care, maternity and child care, psychosocial services, and chronic disease prevention and management

  • Hospital care


    Acute and inpatient hospital care, and ambulatory care, including emergency, outpatient, community-based and continuing care and rehabilitation services

  • Community care


    Health care delivered by community programs and services, including home care, community care and community mental health services

  • Specialized services


    Treatment for mental health and addictions; trauma and injuries; joint replacements; organ replacements; and medical imaging

  • Pharmaceutical care and utilization


    Drug-related care, including a better understanding of how drugs are used in health care