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This infographic describes the key concepts of nursing supply, workforce, inflow, outflow and renewal.

In 2015, there were 415,864 regulated nurses eligible to practise in Canada. This number consisted of 296,731 registered nurses (including nurse practitioners), 113,367 licensed practical nurses and 5,766 registered psychiatric nurses. The workforce, or those employed in the profession at the time of registration, was made up of 390,359 regulated nurses.

In 2015, the supply experienced an inflow rate of 8.0%; the inflow rate is the percentage of regulated nurses who obtained a licence to practise in a jurisdiction in which they did not register the year before. Examples of inflow include new graduates, and regulated nurses migrating within or to Canada and returning to the workforce.

The renewal rate in 2015 was 92.0%; the renewal rate is the percentage of regulated nurses who chose to renew their licence in the same jurisdiction.

The rate of outflow in 2015 was 5.9%; rate of outflow is the percentage of regulated nurses who failed to renew their licence within the jurisdiction. Examples of outflow include migrating within or outside of Canada, retiring or changing careers, and beginning extended leave.