Fiscal 2018–2019 (April 1 to March 31)

The vendors listed below have signed the comprehensive Licence Agreement and subscribed to the Fiscal 2018–2019 Vendor Subscription Service for ICD-10-CA/CCI Products. These products include:

  • ICD-10-CA/CCI Code Title Tables
  • ICD-10-CA/CCI Rubric Tables
  • ICD-10-CA/CCI Validation Tables
  • ICD-10-CA/CCI (English Folio Product)
  • ICD-10-CA/CCI (French Folio Product)
  • ICD-10-CA/CCI Canadian Coding Standards

Vendors are required to renew their Licence(s) on a 3 year basis and complete the selection of products form annually. Upon receipt of the applicable signed Licence Agreements, products are automatically distributed to vendors as they become available. Terms and Conditions regarding use of the products for commercial purposes are established both to protect CIHI and third party proprietary rights in the products and to maintain the integrity of our products.

Clients may contact the CIHI Vendor Support Representative at for any inquiries.


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