September 18, 2014—A unique website from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) will allow Canadian hospitals, health regions, provinces and territories to compare how they measure up on 37 indicators related to access, quality of care, patient safety and emerging health trends across the country.

Your Health System—a web tool that will be available to the health sector and the general public on September 18—provides comparable and interactive data so that hospitals, regions, provinces and territories can compare themselves with peer groups and the pan-Canadian average. It includes numerous data sets in broad categories such as Social Determinants, Health Status, Appropriateness and Effectiveness, Safety and Access, to name a few.

“Your Health System offers the entire Canadian health sector the ability to compare health and health care data among regions and hospitals throughout all of Canada,” says David O’Toole, CIHI’s president and CEO. “This website and its data should help health sector leaders make decisions about the delivery of health services based on comparisons with leading practices. Our experiences and those in other jurisdictions show that public reporting like this makes our health system function more effectively. In spring 2015, we will release similar comparative data for long-term care facilities across the country.”

Using data provided to CIHI over several years from Canadian hospitals, as well as other data sources, the website can measure a broad range of topics, including hospital readmission rates, rates of in-hospital infection from sepsis, avoidable deaths from treatable causes and hospital deaths following major surgery. Indicators of the health status of Canadians by province and region are also available, including average life expectancy at birth and at age 65, and the number of hospitalizations due to heart attacks and strokes.

“Your Health System is a new resource health care managers can use to look at their own data and then compare outcomes with those of peer hospitals, regions, and other provinces and territories across the country,” says Jeremy Veillard, vice president of Research and Analysis at CIHI. “This data should help health systems work more efficiently, more safely and more transparently. The best results in the country can be emulated, where possible, and it can be understood why and how they represent best practices.”

CIHI intends to expand the site in 2015 by adding comparable data for long-term care facilities. Indicators will be updated on an ongoing basis. To access the website, go to