Your Health System 
A one-of-a-kind tool with an array of health system data on hospitals, long-term care facilities and the health of Canadians across the country.

In Depth
View comparable and interactive data for Canadians on 45 indicators at national, provincial/territorial, regional and facility levels. More than 600 Canadian hospitals and 1,200 long-term care facilities can be examined. In May 2016, our newest indicator — High Users of Hospital Beds — was added.

In Brief
Explore 15 indicators that Canadians told us were important to them, presented with clear, easy-to-read infographics and plain language.

Login required. Health care providers and analysts can use this analytical tool to dig deeper into indicator results. What does Insight offer you?

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Your Health System updates

To keep Your Health System relevant and useful, CIHI periodically updates the published results. Here are the details on recent and upcoming changes to the tool: 

Your Health System information

 Indicator Library
 About the development
 Improved care

Implications for other CIHI products

The In Depth section of Your Health System features results for some indicators also reported through the Health Indicators Interactive Tool; that tool also includes indicators previously available in the Health Indicators print reports.

Indicator Library

The Indicator Library, launched in November 2013, contains information for 100 publicly reported indicators on topics ranging from acute care, long-term care and spending to health human resources, mental health and pharmaceuticals. 

More indicators will be added in future releases. 

About the development of Your Health System: In Depth and In Brief

The In Depth section of Your Health System was launched in September 2014 and was developed in consultation with stakeholders from across the country. The tool expanded in June 2015 to include indicators and contextual measures from the long-term care sector. Region- and facility-level data users and stakeholders provided feedback on the tool’s design and functionality. Indicators and contextual information were selected with the advice of expert advisory groups

The In Brief section was launched in November 2013. To learn more about its development, read the Public Engagement Summary Report on Health System Performance Measurement.

Improving care with pan-Canadian health system reporting

Like many countries, Canada regularly releases public reports on the performance of its health system. However, consultations with health professionals and system managers in this country revealed that there is confusion with organizations reporting on different measures and little overall coordination.

To better support jurisdictional efforts to improve care and the health of Canadians, CIHI initiated a 3-year plan, from 2012 to 2015, to strengthen its pan-Canadian health system performance reporting. The Your Health System web tool was part of this plan. Read the background document or visit the other Health System Performance pages for more information related to this initiative. You can also c

For more information related to this initiative