DAD Project Field:  Improved Care for AMI

Many of the data required to calculate the Safer Healthcare Now! (SHN!) acute myocardial infarction (AMI) measures are already available in the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD). Some hospitals are calculating these measures today, using an approach where clinical staff use a checklist to collect a small number (6–8) of data elements while patients are still in hospital (see sample form). This information is sent along with the patient’s chart to health records. Once the chart is abstracted, health records staff calculate the indicators and provide them to clinical teams for review and action. This makes efficient use of clinicians' time and avoids collecting the same data twice.

At the request of a number of hospitals, CIHI has developed draft data collection guidelines for a project field in the DAD, which allow hospitals to enter the additional AMI data in a consistent way. These a dditional data would include all of the SHN! requirements, as well as selected other data on an optional basis. Download the abstracting guidelines here.