Technical Note

Wait Time for Hip Fracture Surgery

Inclusion Criteria:

    1. Hip fracture ICD-10-CA codes of S72.0, S72.1, S72.2 as MRDx and not also a diagnosis type (2); or
    2. Where another diagnosis is coded as MRDx and also a type (2), and a diagnosis of hip fracture is coded as a diagnosis type (1), (W), (X), (Y) and not also a diagnosis type (2); or
    3. Where convalescence or rehabilitation ICD-10-CA codes Z50.1, Z50.8, Z50.9, Z54.0, Z54.4, Z54.7, Z54.8, Z54.9 are coded as MRDx and hip fracture coded as diagnosis type (1), (W), (X), (Y) and not also a type (2).
  1. Criteria 1 (a,b,c) along with a relevant CCI procedure code1
    1. 1.VA.74.^^ - Fixation, hip joint
    2. 1.VA 53.^^ - Implantation of internal device, hip joint
    3. 1.VA.73.^^ - Reduction, hip joint
    4. 1.VC.74.^^ - Fixation, femur
    5. 1.SQ.53.^^ - Implantation of internal device, pelvis
  2. Age at admission 65 years and over
  3. Gender recorded as male or female
  4. Admission to an acute care institution
  5. Admission category recorded as emergent/urgent 
  6. Canadian resident

Exclusion Criteria:

  1. Records with an invalid Health Card Number
  2. Records with an invalid date of birth
  3. Records with an invalid admission date
  4. Records with an invalid procedure date
  5. Discharged as self sign-out
  6. Records where hip fracture is coded as post admission diagnosis (diagnosis type (2))
  7. Hip fracture cases with no hip fracture surgery within the same fiscal year
  8. Patients with hip fracture admission within the last 2 weeks of the previous fiscal year.
  9. Admissions to hospital between March 15 and 31 (the last 2 weeks of the fiscal year) are excluded to allow for sufficient follow-up. (In 2005/06 data, 99 percent of hip fracture patients who underwent hip fracture surgery had their procedure done within two weeks.)

The numerator is a subset of the denominator according to one of two available definitions and represents the number of patients who underwent hip fracture surgery on the same/next day or the same/next/day after.

 1 "Secondary diagnosis" refers to a diagnosis other than most responsible.