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October 15 and 16, Toronto

CIHI, in partnership with Statistics Canada, will hold a consensus conference this fall that will bring together decision-makers to set priorities for indicators that are used to measure

  • The health of Canadians
  • Factors that affect our health
  • The performance of the health system

This event is the fourth in a series of national consensus conferences CIHI has hosted in partnership with Statistics Canada. The last one took place in 2009.

Where? Old Mill Toronto, 21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, Ontario


  • Senior leaders from jurisdictions and regions across Canada will participate: executives and managers from ministries of health, health quality organizations, regional health systems and health service delivery organizations.
  • Renowned international and national experts will provide insights and perspectives on indicator research and development, with a focus on performance reporting.
  • A broad range of stakeholders from across Canada will be invited to complete a pre-conference survey. The survey will be distributed in late July 2014. The results will be used to inform the conference discussion, help build consensus and guide decision-making.

Why? Advancing indicator development, improving relevancy, reducing chaos

  • Stakeholders across the country have identified the need to agree on common priorities for developing indicators that improve understanding of and reporting on how the health care system performs.
  • Having a relevant set of focused indicators that are standardized, valid and comparable supports meaningful evaluation and continuous improvement in health care and service delivery.
  • In response to the issue of “indicator chaos,” this initiative seeks input from stakeholders on the results of a comprehensive evaluation that identified some indicators that may no longer be relevant or that could be replaced with more suitable measures.

Setting priorities for indicator development

  • Stakeholders at all levels—federal, provincial and jurisdictional—are looking for improved understanding and reporting on how Canada’s health care system performs. Clarity is needed on what is meant by “health system performance” and “population health,” how they fit together, how they align with jurisdictional priorities and how they can be used to guide the selection of key performance indicators from a pan-Canadian perspective.
  • CIHI has developed a framework to measure health system performance from a pan-Canadian perspective. This framework will inform discussions at the consensus conference and guide the selection of indicators to be developed in the future.

Additional information

Contact: consensusconference@cihi.ca

Co-Chaired by the Canadian Institute for Health Information and Statistics Canada