Table 1: Percentage Meeting Benchmark, Median and 90th Percentile Wait Times in Canada, April 1 to September 30, 2011 (Table 1 in the report)


2011 Percentage Meeting Benchmark

2010 Percentage Meeting Benchmark

Pan-Canadian Benchmark

All-Canada 50th Percentile Wait

All-Canada 90th Percentile Wait

Hip Replacement



182 Days

89 Days

239 Days

Knee Replacement



182 Days

107 Days

278 Days

Hip Fracture Repair*



48 Hours

25 Hours

68 Hours

Cataract Surgery**



112 Days

49 Days

148 Days

Radiation Therapy



28 Days

8 Days

22 Days

Bypass Surgery§



14–182 Days

7 Days

50 Days


* Hip fracture repair estimates exclude Quebec due to methodological differences in the data.

† Percentage meeting benchmark for radiation therapy estimates exclude New Brunswick.

‡ Median and 90th percentile radiation therapy estimates exclude New Brunswick and Quebec.

§ The pan-Canadian benchmark specifies bypass surgery within 2 to 26 weeks (14 to 182 days), depending on how urgently care is needed.
As there is a lack of comparability for urgency levels, provinces are reporting the percentage of patients treated within a six-month time frame.
An all-Canada estimate indicates 99% of patients received isolated CABG surgery within a time frame of six months. All-Canada estimates
exclude Quebec due to differences in cardiac reporting.

** The pan-Canadian benchmark specifies cataract surgery within 16 weeks (112 days) for patients who are at high risk. There is not yet consensus on a definition of “high risk,” so the benchmark is applied across all priority levels.

There are no pan-Canadian benchmarks for MRI and CT scans.

All-Canada estimates were calculated using the provincially submitted percentage meeting benchmark and 50th and 90th percentile waits.