November 2018 — Use the National Health Expenditure Database (NHEX) to discover how much is spent on health care annually, in what areas money is spent and on whom, and where the money comes from. Learn more about comparative expenditure data at the provincial, territorial and international levels, as well as Canadian health spending trends from 1975 to the present.

Key findings

  • Total health spending is forecast to reach $6,839 per Canadian in 2018, over $200 more per person than in 2017 ($6,630).
  • Total health expenditure per person is expected to vary across the country from $7,552 in Alberta and $7,443 in Newfoundland and Labrador to $6,597 in British Columbia and $6,584 in Ontario.
  • Internationally, Canada’s health spending per person in 2017 (CA$6,082) was similar to spending in France (CA$6,177), Australia (CA$5,725) and the United Kingdom (CA$5,373).
  • Hospitals (28.3%), drugs (15.7%) and physician services (15.1%) are expected to continue to use the largest share of health dollars in 2018. Since 1997, hospitals have accounted for the most significant share of health spending, followed by drugs and physician services.

Report and companion materials


Full report with provincial/territorial and national health expenditure trends

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Drug spending at a glance

How much do Canadians spend on drugs?

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Briefing on health spending

A presentation of key findings of current health expenditure trends

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Provincial and territorial health spending

A chartbook of reusable graphs about provincial and territorial health expenditure trends

View provincial/territorial chartbook (PPTX)

International health spending

A chartbook of reusable graphs about international health expenditure trends

View international chartbook (PPTX)

Methodology notes

NHEX definitions, data sources, limitations and revisions to help you understand and interpret the analysis in the report

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Technical note

Public health and community mental health and addictions services spending: Information on how public health and community mental health and addictions services spending by governments and government agencies is captured

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Health spending data tables