Figure 3 Donor Outcome Statistics,1, 2, 3 Canada, Summary Statistics, 
January 1 to December 31, 2000 and 2001 (Number)4


1 Actual Cadaveric Donor: Declared brain dead, consent obtained, organs offered, and at least one organ retrieved and transplanted.
Potential donor: Declared brain dead, consent obtained, organs offered but may or may not be accepted and/or retrieved. Actual donors are excluded from potential donors in this graph only.
Referrals: Consultation phone calls to regional organ donor coordinator team about a patient who may be an organ donor. Once the coordinator team has been notified, the patient is assigned a unique identification number, even if brain death or consent have not been confirmed. Actual and potential donors are excluded from referrals in this graph only.
Data are subject to change based on future data submissions or corrections and may vary from data previously published. Source: Canadian Organ Replacement Register/Canadian for Health Information, 2002