Figure 1 Actual Cadaveric Donors,1 Canada and Provinces, Fourth Quarter, October 1 to December 31, 1999 to 2001 (Number)2

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Figure 1 Transplants,1 Patients Waiting for Transplants2 and Patients Who Died While Waiting for a Transplant3 Canada, Summary Statistics, 1998-2002 (Number)4


1 Includes all organ transplants.

2 Includes on hold and active patients.

3 The kidney waiting list for British Columbia has been frozen for everyone except priorities since October 2000. Priorities include paediatrics, multi-organ transplants and medical priorities.

4 Data are subject to change based on future data submissions or corrections and may vary from data previously published.

Source: Canadian Organ Replacement Register, Canadian Institute for Health Information (2003)

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