Core Plan organizations

CIHI and Canada’s ministries of health are happy to provide Canadian health care facilities and regional health authorities (or similar organizations, such as local health integration networks) with access to many products and services at no additional cost (up to certain maximums for many products). This access is referred to as CIHI’s Core Plan. To find out whether your organization is entitled to access products through the Core Plan, please email or call 613-241-5543.

Software vendors

Vendors must sign a licence agreement to receive CIHI’s products and services. See more information for vendors.

CIHI service agreement

All organizations need to sign a CIHI service agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for accessing and using restricted services. You will need to designate an organizational contact from your organization to be responsible for managing access to CIHI’s restricted services. To find out whether your organization already has a service agreement in place, please email or call 613-241-5543.