The first step is to create a CIHI profile, which will allow you to access our products and services. Several applications are available to everyone who has a CIHI profile, including the eQuery tool, the Learning Centre and eStore. A number of other applications, such as eReports, are restricted to only data-submitting or approved non-submitting organizations. Access to these applications depends on whether your organization is entitled to access the data and has a service agreement or licence in place with CIHI.

Please go to our Create a Profile page to get started.


  • Please keep your CIHI profile information current to maintain your access. You can make any necessary changes by logging in and clicking Edit Profile in the left-hand navigation menu.
  • If you no longer require your CIHI profile or access to specific applications, please contact CIHI immediately.
  • CIHI profiles are for individual use and cannot be shared.