Knowledge Generation And Synthesis (CPHI)

CPHI works to generate new knowledge, synthesize research and build a better understanding of the factors affecting population health.


About Knowledge Generation and Synthesis (CPHI)

CPHI began on a demonstration basis by funding six research projects and six infrastructure development initiatives. In July 2000 CPHI launched a research request for proposals (RFP). Since that time, CPHI has provided approximately $11 million in funding for 44 research programs and projects.

  • Synthesize and analyze population health research findings. In order to identify “what we know/what we don’t know” in population health research, CPHI is also engaged in synthesizing and analyzing Canadian and international population health research findings.
  • Support the generation of new knowledge on the determinants of health, in collaboration with other funders. Given the development of new research funding opportunities in population health, notably the establishment of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), CPHI has closed its request for research proposals. CPHI currently commissions policy-relevant research to build evidence on key issues and themes and to address “what works/doesn’t work” in population health research, through research synthesis and knowledge exchange.
  • Build capacity and infrastructure for population health research, in partnership with others. CPHI works with other research funding partners to support the generation of new knowledge on the determinants of health and to improve understanding of effective interventions.
  • Implement proactive, ongoing external relations with population health researchers, research funders and research organizations across disciplines. Relationships between research teams are intended to facilitate the development of a strong pan-Canadian population health research network related to key research priorities. CPHI encourages collaboration among researchers and between researchers and policy- and decision-makers through multi-sectoral research team membership and sponsorship of networking and theme-based interactions among teams.

Research Programs and Projects

All 44 research programs and projects funded by CPHI addressed at least one of CPHI’s strategic themes and questions. These programs and projects have been categorized into several broad Areas of Investigation. Summary reports of funded research results are posted as they become available. Download the complete list of current areas of investigation.