Population Health Intervention Research Initiative for Canada (PHIRIC)


CPHI has been collaborating with a number of external partners to examine ways to strengthen population health intervention research in Canada.  Population Health Intervention Research in Canada (PHIRIC) is envisioned as a ten-year initiative designed to build capacity in population health intervention research (i.e. its quantity, quality and use by policy-decision makers and practitioners).

PHIRIC’s initial priorities are to:

  • Work toward development of a common understanding of population health intervention research;
  • Build capacity (e.g. infrastructure and collaborative partnerships);
  • Develop a strategic plan for PHIRIC (e.g. governance, communication and sustainability).

PHIRIC’s working definition for population health intervention research:

“Research that involves the use of scientific methods to produce knowledge about policy and program interventions that operate within or outside of the health sector and have the potential to impact health at the population level”.

A supplement has recently been published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health on the Population Health Intervention Research Initiative in Canada (PHIRIC). Please see: http://journal.cpha.ca/index.php/cjph/issue/view/270

PHIRIC Workshop: September 26 - 27, 2006, Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta

Workshop Objectives:

The overarching goal of the Banff workshop was to bring together an initial group of researchers, policy-decision makers and practitioners to help shape directions for population health intervention research in Canada. Workshop organizers and participants aimed to:

  • Work toward a common understanding of population health intervention research;
  • Identify strengths and limitations in current capacity for population health intervention research;
  • Share lessons on capacity-building strategies;
  • Help to refine a framework that would inform the development of a long-term population health intervention research plan;
  • Build a constituency to advance the profile and support for population health intervention research - to initiate "constellations of collaboration";
  • Identify strategies for action planning including key players, roles and responsibilities, and ongoing intelligence and communications requirements and strategies to address them.

To supplement the experience and expertise of workshop participants, a set of six background papers was circulated in advance of the workshop. The papers were intended to stimulate thinking about the scope of intervention research and to provide examples of organizational mandates, experiences, and activities relevant to population health intervention research.

The Proceedings Report for the workshop includes an overview of the key objectives for the two-day meeting, summaries of presentations, a list of participants and titles of the above-noted background papers:



The Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH) at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is currently acting as Secretariat for PHIRIC:


Please continue to check this web-page for ongoing PHIRIC updates.