Population Health Program and Policy Intervention Research


The majority of population health research conducted to date has focused on describing population health issues. There is less information addressing practical policy and program implementation and evaluation that could provide relevant outcome information to policy-makers. Informal consultations by CPHI with key informants confirmed a need for more practical information on what works and what does not work with regard to program and policy intervention research at a population health level.

CPHI Pilot Project in Intervention Research (Completed March 2010)

As part of a pilot project in intervention research, Letters of Interest (LOI’s) were solicited from CPHI-funded researchers seeking to build on their existing CPHI research by evaluating specific programs and policies. A limited amount of funding was available: approximately $800,000 in total to support a small group of projects with award amounts ranging from $100,000 - $300,000 per project over one to three years. 

The primary objectives for funding research which examine evaluations of population health program/policy interventions are to:

  • Obtain rigorous health outcome evaluation(s) on an existing population health program and/or policy intervention;
  • Contribute to CIHI’s understanding of what works and what does not work in terms of population health program and policy intervention(s);
  • Contribute to the transfer and uptake of new population health intervention knowledge by the policy and practice community.

Using specific criteria, LOI’s were evaluated by CPHI Staff and members of CPHI’s Council and four were chosen to proceed to full proposal.  In July 2006, CPHI issued a targeted Request for Proposals (RFP) for evaluating an existing population health program and/or policy intervention. Proposals were subsequently evaluated by external reviewers and then by a Merit Review Panel.

Funding Recipients

Summaries are available for the three funded research projects: