National Partnership to Advance Population and Public Health Research and Knowledge Exchange

In April 2005, the Institute for Population and Public Health (IPPH) and its key partners, the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA), the Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI), and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) signed a landmark cooperative agreement to enable all partners to synergise and leverage their efforts to advance population and public health. Together these organizations aim to promote, advance and support population and public health research, infrastructure development, capacity building and knowledge exchange to improve the health of individuals, communities and global populations.

This partnership signals a collective dedication to respond effectively within Canada’s rapidly shifting population and public health landscape. Some of the key initiatives undertaken by the partners include:

Comments from the partners demonstrate the value of this partnership:

“This partnership has benefited public health immensely by linking research, policy and practice more closely at the national level. This allows for modeling of these types of relationships at the provincial, regional and local levels.

The partnership has enabled an increase in the scientific content of the CPHA-partnered conference; positioning of public health in a broader array of fora; and closer connections with the research and policy community.

The partnership has endless possibilities for the closer relationship between research, policy and practice in Canada. This partnership, at the national level, also allows us to support the Public Health Network Council in its work of supporting the Pan-Canadian Public Health Strategy.”

Elinor Wilson
Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Public Health Association

“This is a critical partnership to ensure we are working collaboratively on population and public health in Canada. To date, we have worked on many projects together as partners, whether it is with all partners at the table (e.g. co-sponsorship of the CPHA Conference) or partnerships between two or three organizations (e.g. CPHI co-sponsoring the CIHR Summer Institutes; working on the IPPH/CPHI KT Casebook). We look forward to future partnership opportunities, including work that has started on population health intervention research capacity in Canada, future CPHA conferences, co-sponsoring of other events, and working together to advance population and public health issues in Canada.”

Elizabeth Gyorfi-Dyke
Director of the Canadian Population Health Initiative
at the Canadian Institute for Health Information

“This partnership is producing benefits which will be felt by public health agencies and professionals across Canada. Working with our partners, for example, around the CPHA Conference, the personnel award programs, or knowledge translation activities, allows us to pool expertise networks and resources, and thus to have a greater impact.

Encouraged by the success to date, we are anxious to develop more collaborative initiatives, especially those that will bridge the gap between knowledge and action. The intended result is a more effective public health enterprise.”

David Mowat
Director General
Public Health Agency of Canada

“This partnership is all about coordinating and synergizing efforts for the benefit of all Canadians and global populations. Together CPHA, CPHI, PHAC and IPPH have accomplished much more than we could have ever done separately. And we will continue to do so as we learn from and build on our work together in the interests of the communities we serve.”

John Frank
Scientific Director
Institute of Population and Public Health

Also see our September 2005 POP News for more on these partnership activities.