Policy Synthesis and Analysis (CPHI)


About Policy Synthesis and Analysis (CPHI)

  • Monitor the policy environment to identify emerging themes and priorities. CPHI conducts ongoing targeted environmental scanning for the purpose of assessing trends in population health policy. CPHI policy products communicate to policy- and decision-makers to facilitate timely knowledge transfer.
  • Support the synthesis of evidence about policy experience and develop policy options. To inform policy stakeholders,CPHI develops policy options based on best evidence from current population health research and experiences. The quarterly Research to Policy (R2P) bulletin (coming soon!) series presents evidence-informed population health policy considerations.
  • Establish collaborative strategies and strategic partnerships. CPHI collaborates with partners to increase the capacity of researchers and policy- and decision-makers in population health. In-depth workshops bring together researchers and policy- and decision-makers to discuss the state of current knowledge and steps for turning research into action. Proceedings are published and disseminated to identified stakeholders and participants.
  • Assess impact of policies and policy changes on the health of Canadians, whether or not they are designed to affect health. Policy synthesis and analysis are integral components of the CPHI flagship reports Improving the Health of Canadians, 2004 and Improving the Health of Canadians 2005–2006 Report Series.