CPHI-Funded Research

Request for Proposals (Closed)

CPHI provided support for research that advances an understanding of the determinants of the health of the Canadian population and enhances the articulation of policy options to improve population health and reduce health inequities.

Research Project and Program Results

CPHI has received a number of final reports from the 44 programs and projects funded through its RFP. To facilitate knowledge exchange, CPHI is posting summary reports of funded research results, full reports of research findings and links to publications resulting from this funded research (as applicable). CPHI will continue to post results of funded research programs and projects as they are completed.

Research Project and Programs in Progress

Since launching its request for proposals (RFP) in July 2000, CPHI has provided approximately $11 million in funding for 44 population health research initiatives. All 44 research programs and projects funded by CPHI addressed at least one of CPHI’s strategic themes and questions.

Themes and Areas of Investigation

The programs and projects funded through the RFP have been organized into the following nine broad Areas of Investigation:

Download the list of CPHI-funded research programs and projects.