This school provides participants with comprehensive instruction in the design, implementation and monitoring of case mix funding mechanisms, with a focus on activity-based funding (ABF).

The school’s instructors include case mix experts from Canada and from the Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI) annual school on ABF. The school uses a case-study method, along with instructor presentations and panel sessions, to deliver theory and provide practice with concepts. Small and large group discussions are used throughout the week, encouraging opportunities for networking and learning from instructors and peers.

Learning Objectives

In this school, participants will:

  • Review the landscape of health care funding in Canada and internationally;
  • Examine forms of case-mix funding (e.g. population, case-mix based budget allocations, activity-based funding) and other funding mechanisms (e.g. block grants, fee-for-service, salary, capitation, etc.);
  • Examine aspects of designing, implementing and monitoring case mix–based funding (with an emphases in ABF) in regional allocations, funding of physicians, hospitals, long-term care and other sectors; and
  • Use clinical and financial data and apply analytical methods in health care funding exercises related to funding design, forecasting, budgeting and financial management.

Note: This school is offered in English only.


Decision-makers from ministries of health, regional health authorities, or health care organizations such as hospitals or long-term care facilities who are involved in the design and implementation of a case-mix funding system, or who are involved in managing a health care organization that is funded on the basis of a case-mix system.

Knowledge and skill requirements

  • Ability to work and study in English
  • Basic familiarity with case-mix systems, statistical distributions, statistical tests, and statistical analysis including linear regression

Selection is based on

  • Applicants’ experience and how content may benefit their work; and
  • Other factors, such as balancing representation from across the country and different types of organizations (government ministries, health care facilities, etc.).

Note: priority will be given to applicants from a Core Plan organization/facility.


  • Date: January 30 to February 3, 2017
  • Location: Matrix Hotel, 10640-100 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
    Meeting Room: Amber A and B
  • Meals: Lunch is provided each day.
  • Costs: You are responsible for your travel, accommodation, breakfast and dinner costs.
  • Registration fee: $1,150 (plus applicable taxes). This fee is the same for Core Plan and non-Core Plan registrants.

Application Form

Deadline: October 21, 2016. Submit your completed application to You will be notified mid-November of the status of your application. Download the application form (PDF).

Curriculum Outline

Topics include an overview of health care funding in Canada, case mix systems, patient-level costing, price setting, activity target setting, exception payments, monitoring and evaluation, and the analysis of health care data. Download the school curriculum (PDF).


Instructors are international and Canadian experts in the design and implementation of case-mix systems and hospital funding systems. Download the instructor biographies (PDF).


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