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Featured Courses

Health care and health system performance: A focus on seniors — Webinar series

In this 3-part series, examine health indicators and how you can use them to address issues related to seniors’ health care. Gain insight into indicator frameworks, how these can guide indicator selection and use, and how organizations use health system performance data to develop action plans for improvement.

Trends in National Health Expenditure

Gain an overview of annual health care spending, the areas where money is spent, who it is spent on, and where the money comes from. Explore comparative expenditure data at the provincial/territorial and international levels, as well as Canadian health spending trends from 1975 to the present.

Introduction to Health Indicators and Frameworks

Explore what health indicators are and how you can use them. Learn about indicator frameworks, how you can use these to guide indicator selection and use, and how frameworks can provide context to health system information and reporting.

Featured Events

Canadian Children’s Mental Health
November 21–22, 2016 | Toronto, Ont.

The theme of the Children’s Mental Health Ontario 2016 Conference is Focus on Quality: The Path to Better Outcomes for Children, Youth & Families. Be there as we showcase innovative ideas and approaches to child and youth mental health care and engage in provocative discussions to develop concrete solutions to important issues.

This Is Long-Term Care
November 23–25, 2016 | Toronto, Ont.

The Ontario Long-Term Care Association’s annual This Is Long-Term Care conference profiles new and emerging research, innovation and quality initiatives in a unique forum designed for learning, networking and information sharing. It provides an opportunity for members to hear about best practice programs and the associated tools, resources, policies and procedures that can be implemented across the sector.

5th National Summit on Data Analytics for Healthcare
December 8-9, 2016 | The Old Mill Inn, Toronto

Join a national conversation on improving healthcare with analytics!

Tracy Johnson, Director, Health System Analysis and Emerging Issues, CIHI, will be presenting at the Fifth National Summit on Data Analytics for Healthcare (December 8 and 9 in Toronto) on how looking abroad, to international health care systems, helps assess health care delivery in Canada. Assess how your health care organization stacks up on a global scale, and gather insights on how to

  • Measure health care outcomes against world benchmarks;
  • Emulate global health care leaders; and
  • Implement international best practices.

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