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For over ten years, CIHI has made its Comparison of Hospital Activity Program (CHAP) report available online through, eCHAP. This web-based reporting tool provides easy and secure access to comparative data from the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD).

Through eCHAP, health care professionals can monitor their facilities’ activity and compare themselves with peers of similar size and type by using:

    • Standardized data elements;

    • Pre-generated reports;

    • User-defined comparisons; and

    • User-defined groupings of facilities by type, size or location.

This information helps to support ongoing utilization management efforts and decision-making.

Building a New eCHAP for FY 2007–08

The DAD generates several standard reports that include information from CIHI’s acute care, inpatient grouping methodology. In April 2007, CIHI launched an all-new version of this grouping methodology, called CMG+. As a result, in 2007-2008, all DAD standard reports—including eCHAP—are being revised to accommodate the change to the new grouping methodology. Reports are also being enhanced with new features.

All eCHAP users should take careful note as these changes will significantly impact them:

    1. A new version of the eCHAP reporting application was released in October 2007.

    2. For a limited period of time, the old version will continue to exist under a different name: “eCHAP for CMG/Plx”.

    3. On December 14, 2007, at midnight (EST), CIHI will retire eCHAP for CMG/Plx, and will no longer be able to produce reports based on CMG/Plx information.

Initially, the new version of eCHAP will only be populated with Q1 2007-08 DAD data. However, when the Q2 2007-08 eCHAP reports are loaded later in the year, two additional historical years of data (2005–2006 and 2006–2007) will be made available. These earlier years of data will be historically regrouped using the CMG+ methodology.

To learn more about the new eCHAP application, please download the information sheet.

Education Opportunities

CIHI released an all-new self-learning program (SLP) for eCHAP, Understanding 2007-2008 eCHAP Reports, to assist users in better understanding changes to the DAD 2007–2008 reports.

Users may also want to register for other related educational content, such as the equivalent electronic Hospital Specific Report (eHSR) course and the Case Mix workshop on using CMG+ methodology.

Participating in eCHAP

All DAD-submitting facilities are eligible to participate in eCHAP. CIHI offers eCHAP to these health care organizations as part of the bilateral agreements with their jurisdictions.

All participating organizations are required to sign a Service Agreement, whereby they agree to:

    • Identify their facility by name;

    • Share their data with other participating facilities, provincial/territorial ministries of health and regional health authorities; and

    • Release data with small cell sizes (i.e., n<5).

User access for a given facility is coordinated by a designated Organizational Contact, and there are no restrictions on the number of users who can be granted access to eCHAP. To add new users, the designated Organizational Contact must submit a request for additional Application Access Codes by writing to the DAD Quality Assurance Assistant, Prajita Upadhyay at Requests to update the Organizational Contact should be sent to the same email address.

To access eCHAP, users must first register at the secure Client Services area of the CIHI site. Registration takes less than 5 minutes.


If you are a current eCHAP user or registered CIHI client, please submit your questions about eCHAP via the eQuery application.

If you are not a registered user or client and would like to learn more about eCHAP, please write to