David O'Toole
President & CEO

Welcome to the CIHI team. Consider this a kind of virtual handshake, one I’d be happy to replicate in person very soon.

CIHI is an extraordinary organization on many levels. We have a unique role by collecting, analyzing and reporting on Canadian health information. Major decisions on health care in Canada are supported by our analyses. Our offices are filled with incredibly bright people from a variety of backgrounds - analysts, IT, former health care practitioners, researchers and support specialists, to name a few.

You’ve joined an organization that has a big influence in legislatures across the country, ministries of health, regional health authorities, hospitals large and small, family doctors’ offices, pharmacies, therapy clinics, and virtually all health care facilities. In short: we do important work here!

The successes we’ve enjoyed, and those coming down the road, result directly from our employees’ talent and creativity. There are about 750 of us, who work in a culture of progress and innovation – in a very positive, supportive workplace. We are committed to building quality products that lead to making a difference in our health care system.

So have fun, get acquainted with our numerous acronyms, and don’t hesitate to drop me a line directly at DOtoole@cihi.ca if you would like to chat.

Thanks for joining CIHI.

Cal Marcoux
Chief Information Security Officer

Information Security

The Information Security Branch (InfoSec), under the direction of the Chief Information Security Officer, is responsible for ensuring CIHI has appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards in place for the protection of confidential information from unauthorized or unintentional access, use, modification or disclosure, as well as from loss or theft.

At CIHI, information security is everybody’s responsibility.  You will be expected to understand your responsibilities and obligations to the protection of CIHI’s information, and you will be required to complete CIHI’s mandatory privacy and security eLearning program within 15 days of your hire.  Your HR Generalist will provide you with more information.

You may want to review the following policies, which are publically available on www.cihi.ca:

Information Security Policy (2013)
Privacy and Security Incident Management Protocol
Privacy and Security Framework (Apr. 2014)
Privacy Policy on the Collection, Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Health Information and De-Identified Data, 2010 (Updated April 2014)

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Elizabeth Blunden
Human Resources and 

Conflict of Interest

CIHI takes pride in the way it conducts its business, which includes the respect we all have for each other. A conflict of interest can arise in the workplace when an employee has competing interests or loyalties that either are, or potentially can be, at odds with each other. A conflict of interest can lead to a struggle with an employee between diverging interests, points of view, or allegiances.

After reading the Code of Business Conduct, you will need to review and sign the Record of Review form accessible through the link below.  Please return the signed form to your HR Generalist prior to your start date.

Code of Business Conduct
Record of Review
Conflict of Interest Policy

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Anne-Mari Phillips
Chief Privacy Officer
Corporate Services

Privacy Overview

As a trusted leader in healthcare information, all of us at CIHI must be vigilant with the data entrusted to us. Keeping personal health information secure and private is vital to our work and allows us to continue fulfilling our mandate to improve the health care system and health of Canadians.

CIHI has developed a Privacy and Security Framework to provide a comprehensive approach to privacy and security management. Based on best practices from across the public, private and health sectors, the Framework is designed to coordinate CIHI’s privacy and security policies and provide an integrated view of the organization’s information management practices.

CIHI and the government of Quebec have recently renewed the bilateral agreement which allows CIHI and its employees access to confidential Quebec personal information. It is a condition of the bilateral agreement that all employees of CIHI understand and sign. The agreement requires CIHI employees to keep Quebec personal information confidential and requires that you refrain from using or disclosing the information other than as required in the course of your employment

Before signing your Employment Agreement with CIHI, you will need to review and sign the Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement and the Access to Quebec Data Confidentiality Agreement. accessible through the link below. Please return your signed Privacy & Confidentiality agreement, Access to Quebec Data Confidentiality Agreement along with your Employment Agreement to your HR Generalist prior to your start date.   

CIHI Privacy Policy
Employee Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement
Access to Québec Data Confidentiality Agreement
Message from Louise Ogilvie

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CIHI offers a comprehensive total rewards package which includes a flexible benefit plan that allows employees to choose the coverage that is right for them. We offer competitive vacation time, special leave, December holiday shutdown, a maternity leave top-up plan, and the option of directing a portion of your pay into an RRSP. You will be asked to select your benefit options within your first week at CIHI.

Group Benefit Plan—Flex Plan (booklet)
Healthcare Spending Account
Opti-Plan Flexible Benefit Program 

We offer “flexible benefits” designed to provide employees with a choice of coverage based on their individual requirements.

Credit Summary Sheet

Employee Family Assistance Program (Morneau Shepell)

Your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides you and your immediate family members with immediate and confidential help for any work, health or life concern. They are available anytime and anywhere at no cost to you. You can also visit workhealthlife.com and sign up using employer name CIHI for full access to the EFAP services and resources.

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Retirement Planning

Someday, you’ll be spending your retirement years doing the things you love. It might be travel, time with your family, hobbies, or even a career change. Whatever it happens to be, CIHI has options to assist with your planning. 

With the right amount of planning, you can maintain a standard of living after retiring comparable to what you enjoyed while working. Your retirement benefits, along with the income you receive from the government-sponsored pension programs and your personal savings will go a long way to helping you reach this goal.

CIHI offers retirement planning options depending on the location you report to.


CIHI offers a group RRSP option to all employees through Standard Life (rebranding to Manulife) with automatic rebalancing of assets and life cycle movement options to fit every need.

Regional Group RRSP

CIHI offers employees in the Montreal regional office the Regional Group RRSP which provides an enhanced RRSP benefit. It provides a tax- and cost-effective savings vehicle to help build retirement income. Employees contribute a fixed percentage, and CIHI also contributes a fixed amount. The Regional Group RRSP is currently with Standard Life (rebranding to Manulife) and offers a variety of investment choices for every stage of life. There is mandatory enrolment for all permanent and long-term contract employees. 


CIHI offers a defined benefit pension plan to eligible employees reporting into either the Ontario offices (includes all Location Independent Workers) or the Victoria office.   


For Ontario based employees (and Location Independent Workers), CIHI belongs to the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan Defined Benefit Pension Plan (HOOPP). HOOPP is a defined benefit pension plan that provides members with a defined pension income when they retire; the amount is predetermined by a formula based on the employee’s earnings history, length of service and age and does not directly depend on individual investment returns. There is mandatory enrolment for all permanent and long-term contract employees and optional enrolment for short term contract employees and students.

British Columbia

For Victoria based employees, CIHI belongs to the British Columbia Municipal Pension Plan (BCMPP). The BCMPP is a defined benefit pension plan that provides members with a defined pension income when they retire that is predetermined by a formula based on the employee’s earnings history, length of service and age and is not directly dependent on individual investment returns. There is mandatory enrolment for all permanent and long-term contract employees. Short term contract employees are eligible once they meet predefined length of service criteria and enrolment is optional. Students are not eligible to join the plan.

HOOPP Resources


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Your First Day

On your first day, plan to arrive for 9:00 a.m. A representative from Corporate Administration will greet you and start you on your orientation. A comprehensive orientation package has been developed to help introduce you to CIHI and your new team and explain what we’re all about. On your first day and during your first few weeks you will meet with a number of people who will help you become better acquainted with CIHI and the important work we do here.

Some of the individuals who will be helping to make your first day pleasant and enjoyable include:

Human Resources

You will meet with a Human Resources representative to go over the material included in this package, and learn more about some of our corporate programs. In addition, you will be provided with copies of some of our key publications, which will help educate you on some of our products, programs, and services.

Corporate Administration - Employees are responsible for their own parking. However, CIHI does administer on site paid parking at our Toronto and Ottawa locations. Should you be interested in obtaining more information on our parking program at these locations, please let the appropriate Corporate Administration staff member know. 


You will meet with a member of our Information Technology Services team to learn more about voice mail, email, electronic calendar, and CIHI standard templates for letters, memos and faxes. Corporate Administration will make arrangements with IT in advance of your start date to have an ID card issued. 

Your Supervisor

Your supervisor will provide you with a Meeting and Activity Schedule. This schedule has been developed specifically for you and with your needs in mind. In addition, your manager will have provided a list of job-specific reading materials.

If you have any questions at any time before or after your first day, please feel free to speak with your manager, orientation partner, or a member of the Human Resources team. We are always happy to help!

Corporate Orientation

All eligible new employees are required to participate in a comprehensive orientation program. The Corporate Orientation Program uses a blended learning approach, incorporating on-the-job instruction and (potentially) over 8 1/2 hours of online e-learning content.

Corporate Orientation e-Learning

There are a number of courses in the orientation series, great for new employees just starting out, or as a refresher for seasoned staff. Course #1 is mandatory for all new employees, and includes an important privacy and confidentiality module that must be completed within 15 days of the employee’s hire. The online orientation program will provide employees with a great overview, and there are several more in-depth e-learning courses available as well. To find out more or access the online Corporate Orientation Program, please visit the Learning & Professional Development area on the CIHIghway (CIHI's Intranet Site).

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Contact HR Services:

If your questions are not answered here please don’t hesitate to contact our HR Department.

Jennifer Jones-Kosmack
Senior HR Generalist
Ottawa, 613-694-6331

Taren Krawetz
Senior HR Generalist
Toronto, 416-549-5322


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CIHI Amenities

CIHI offices are conveniently located in Toronto and Ottawa. To find out more about the surrounding amenities, visit the links below:

Richmond Road, Ottawa
Yonge Street, Toronto