NPDUIS Data and Data Quality


Through our Data Quality Enhancement Program, CIHI strives to ensure that the quality of the information in our data holdings is suited to its intended uses, and that data users are provided good information about data quality.

Maintaining and enhancing the quality of incoming data is essential to CIHI's mandate to produce high quality health information. CIHI's data quality program ensures the continued regular improvement of the quality of CIHI's databases and registries to meet changing and expanding user requirements and expectations. This facilitates the production of relevant and credible data for analysis and reports.

The information provided below, subdivided into manageable sections, is intended to ensure proper interpretation of the data obtained through the NPDUIS Reports.

Available Data: This area describes what data is available from the Jurisdictions and any caveats/limitations associated with the use/interpretation of the data, and reporting of old/current DINs.

Plan Information Document: Provides contextual information on public drug benefit plans/programs.

Identification of Drug Products This area describes the following data information:

  • Unique Identification of a Product through Drug Identification Numbers (DINs) and Pseudo-Drug Identification Numbers (PDINs) including the reporting of old and current products
  • Description of the Classification systems used by NPDUIS; WHO ATC and the ASHP AHFS/PTC system

CIHI Pharmaceutical Form Mapping This Adobe document outlines the process and definitions used in establishing a standardized CIHI Form based on the reported Health Canada form(s) for products.

NPDUIS Data Element Dictionary This document contains the list of NPDUIS Data Elements and definitions available in the NPDUIS web reports.

NPDUIS Data Element Dictionary (for PMPRB users) This document contains the list of NPDUIS Data Elements and definitions available in the NPDUIS analytical environment.



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