A classification groups like information into a limited number of mutually exclusive statistical categories (and subcategories) to organize it for easy retrieval and reference. CIHI supports a number of classifications for use in collecting and analyzing information on health care in Canada.

Version 2015 ICD-10-CA and CCI classifications: Folio infobases

What's new for version 2015

ICD-10-CA has 85 new codes and 26 deactivated codes. The new codes in version 2015 of ICD-10-CA include the 2011, 2012 and 2013 updates to ICD-10 received from the Update and Revision Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO). The 2015 version also contains additional Canadian enhancements, including new codes for central line–associated blood stream infections and mechanical complications of hip and knee replacements, updated code titles for fetal acidemia and added laterality for certain malignant neoplasms.

CCI has 498 new codes and 297 deactivated codes. The updates to CCI include new codes for cardiac resynchronization therapy, some new mandatory location attributes for excisions of lesions and sentinel lymph node biopsies, as well as revisions to the codes for central line insertions.

Version 2015 ICD-10-CA and CCI have a new embedded functionality that supports compiling your personal Shadow File notes in an HTML file.

Note: The download and installation instructions below do not apply in the province of Quebec.
For documents and instructions relating to deployment in Quebec, please contact the Bureau du Québec.

Please Note

  • The download contains zip files and executables. It is important that either you or your IT department follow all instructions to download version 2015 ICD-10-CA/CCI.
  • You will need a CIHI account to download the products from CIHI's website. Contact your account manager for your account access information. If you don't have an account, contact the CIHI Order Desk for information about setting one up.

To download version 2015 ICD-10-CA/CCI

Download the v. 2015 ICD-10-CA/CCI classifications.

Version 2015 is available in 3 different formats, depending on the number of user licences required. If you have more users than is available and require additional licences, please contact the Order Desk to obtain an enhanced licence.

Additional information on installing version 2015 ICD-10-CA/CCI can be found in the v. 2015 ICD-10-CA/CCI installation instructions.

If you have a version 2012 Shadow File

See v. 2015 Shadow File upgrade for instructions on merging your version 2012 Shadow Files with the version 2015 classifications.

New feature: Export your notes

Version 2015 ICD-10-CA and CCI Shadow Files (.sdw) include a new Export Notes button on the toolbar. The new functionality allows you to export your personal notes to a log file where your notes are listed in the order they appear in your Shadow File. For instructions on how to export your personal notes, select v. 2015 Shadow File Export Notes.

v2015 CIHI Publish Shadow Files for ICD-10-CA/CCI

These CIHI Publish Shadow Files have CIHI notes showing the errata in the classifications that have been identified since the classifications were posted on the Classifications and Coding web page in February 2015.

Follow these instructions to merge the CIHI Publish Shadow Files with your v2015 classifications.

Frequently asked questions

Download the FAQ for the v. 2015 ICD-10-CA/CCI web posting.

Please Note

Version 2015 ICD-10-CA/CCI has not been tested with Apple's Mac computers or operating systems.

Evolution Tables for version 2015 ICD-10-CA/CCI

To assist with data retrieval from one version of the classification to the next, you may wish to purchase our Evolution Tables. Evolution Tables trace the heritage of a current code in the classification and are useful as a quick guide to understanding macro changes within the classification. For assistance, contact us at