eDAD Reports is an interactive web-based tool that provides users access to their own data for timely performance monitoring and pan-Canadian comparisons to improve patient care, support resource efficiency, highlight areas for operational improvement, and identify service needs and gaps.

eDAD Reports provide relevant and comparable information on all acute care separations across Canada (excluding Quebec). How? Through timely data that is presented in a user-friendly, focused and flexible reporting environment and that answers specific business questions (described below). Users can also share reports in 1 organized location with other eDAD users.

Report Themes
eDAD Reports are focused around key business questions:

  • How long did patients stay in my hospital compared with other hospitals?
    Make comparisons about patient length of stay between different hospitals.
  • What are the resource indicators for patients from my hospital compared with other hospitals?
    Identify the impact of case-mix factors (comorbid conditions and intervention events) on resources for groups of patients.
  • How many day surgery procedures and inpatient procedures were done at my hospital compared with other hospitals? Explore how many patients had an intervention performed in an inpatient setting versus a day surgery setting and the resources consumed by each.
  • How many patients occupied a bed in my hospital but did not need the intensity of resources provided in that care setting?
    Examine patient flow in your hospital with information on patients that require alternate level of care.
  • What hospitals are people from my area going to for treatment and for what medical services?
    Identify the geographic catchment area of patients seen at your hospital and what medical treatment they received.
  • What are the Health Based Allocation Model Inpatient Grouper (HIG) resource indicators for patients from my hospital compared with other Ontario hospitals?
    This Ontario-specific report shows comparisons between hospitals using the HIG resource indicators and weighting factors.

All Core Plan members can request access by sending an email to ccs@cihi.ca. You will have access within 2 to 3 business days and can access the reports by clicking eReporting in the Applications section of CIHI’s website. Portal users are automatically granted access to eDAD Reports.

Current eDAD Reports users can submit questions through the eQuery tool available in the Applications section of CIHI’s website.