Canadian Classification of Health Interventions

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The Canadian Classification of Health Interventions (CCI) is the new national standard for classifying health care procedures. CCI is the companion classification system to ICD-10-CA. CCI replaces the Canadian Classification of Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Surgical Procedures (CCP) and the intervention portion of ICD-9-CM in Canada. See implementation status.


CCI classifies a broad range of interventions, such as:

  • therapeutic interventions including inpatient and day surgeries, surgical and non-surgical;
  • diagnostic interventions including diagnostic imaging, tests, measurements, biopsies and explorations;
  • cognitive, psychosocial and sensory therapeutic interventions
  • other healthcare interventions such as assistance with activities of daily living, environmental assessments, and counselling; and
  • therapeutic interventions strengthening the immune system.

For more information, see the overview of CCI sections and code ranges.


CCI specifies more precisely than ever before what interventions and services health professionals provide. It has been designed to be service-provider and service-setting neutral and can be used comprehensively throughout the health system. A comparison of CCI to CCP and ICD-9-CM illustrates many of the improvements over its predecessor classifications. Other benefits of CCI include:

  • Canadian control over the classification;
  • improved scope and content;
  • enhanced structure and presentation; and
  • responsiveness to user needs.

Coding Structure

As CCI replaces CCP and/or ICD-9-CM as the new standard for the classification of health-related interventions in Canada, information systems that collect and store procedure codes must be modified to accommodate the new CCI coding structure.

Support and Training

Public Submissions for Enhancements to ICD-10-CA and CCI

CIHI has opened a public submission process to allow users of the classifications and the health data they provide an opportunity for input in the maintenance and enhancement cycle. The Public Submission Guidelines provide an in-depth explanation of the process, and list the required criteria for completion of the Submission Request Form.


Use CIHI's accessibility request form to request CIHI documentation in an accessible format.