Staffing resources/designations:

Staff can assume one or more roles, and the number of staff required will vary depending on facility size.

  • NRS Facility Coordinator : Designated staff member for planning, implementing and maintaining National Rehabilitation Reporting System – suggest full-time for start-up (approximately 3 months) and part-time thereafter for maintenance. See Facility Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities for more detail on this role.
  • NRS Trainers: These are members of the rehabilitation team that attend the 2-day Trainer workshop and pass the minimum qualifications to become Trainers. In order to qualify, they must complete two FIM TM Instrument case studies with a combined average score of 90%. They provide the subsequent in-house training to the other members of the team back at the facility, and have a comprehensive knowledge of the NRS.
  • NRS Assessors: These are the rehabilitation team members that have received NRS training at their respective facility and have passed the minimum qualifications to become Assessors (a combined average score of 80% on the two FIM TM Instrument case studies) . Trainers and Assessors are responsible for collecting and coding patient information for the NRS.
  • Data Entry Staff: Designated person(s) to enter the collected data into the software. This group is not required to complete the case studies but should either attend the Trainer workshop or receive in-house training.
  • Data Submission Contact: Responsible for maintaining NRS records at the facility and submitting completed records to CIHI according to set quarterly deadlines. Also not required to complete the case studies.

The NRS Facility Coordinator and Data Submission Contact are the two main contact persons for CIHI.

Data Collection Software:

Facilities may choose to develop in-house NRS collection software or purchase NRS software from licensed vendors (See List of Vendors that have successfully submitted test data link on website). Facilities will need to budget additional resources for the preparation and planning phase.

CIHI resources & client services

CIHI can provide the following services and products to the facilities that participate in the NRS:

  • Two-day Train-the-Trainer workshop
  • Report Interpretation Guidelines workshop
  • On-line refresher series throughout the year
  • On-line FIM™  Instrument/NRS re-certification
  • Ongoing client support for clinical coding, interpretation and data submission through eQuery and at
  • Vendor specifications for software developers working with facilities to build and integrate the NRS with existing systems at the facility
  • Quarterly electronic reports with facility, peer and national comparisons of effectiveness and efficiency indicators
  • Quarterly bulletins update facilities on NRS activities
  • Report Interpretation Guidelines
  • Rehabilitation Minimum Data Set Manual